06 July 2009

Been a while

Sorry everyone, it's been a little mad around here lately.
Last Thursday, we got seriously harassed by a cager. Unfortunately, it isn't the group's first run in with the fat bastard. This time, he fraked with the wrong person. I may be a pain in the ass, but I have juice around these parts. One of my old college friends happens to be a Prosecutor for Richland County. She got a call!
Action will be taken today... :)- I also worked my own back channels and got a cornucopia of the guy's personal info. Here's his name, address and Phone #, if anyone wants it...
Michael A Morales
521 Harmon Rd
Hopkins, SC 29061-8623
(803) 776-4851
Fuck with the bull...

Saturday, several of us made the trip to NC to ride the Fabulous 4th loop. The day started EARLY...0500 to be exact. The big group rolled out right @ 0800. It seemed that the lead group started a bit slower than usual this year, but the first hour was still quick and people were getting popped off left and right. I got gapped off on a climb when people started dumping gears and dropping chains, but got back on after burning a rather large match. The funny thing was the fact that I felt better after killing it to get across. I sat up after 90 minutes with the front group for the sake of self-preservation. I was in No-Mans Land for the next hour, riding alone. The last hour, I rode with a small group, until my front tire had an explosive decompression near the top of Camp Old Indian. I rode it flat to the water station.
After a quick change, I was on my way. I rode with a couple of folks for the rest of the climbs and then rode away on the decent into Tryon. Ended with 3:39 ride time, including the flat and a two water stops. Not great, but I felt good on the bike, never pushed really hard and wasn't comatose for the rest of my day, which is important when the MTs are involved.
Bond finished first @ 2:58. Doog was fourth @ the same time. It's a great ride that's well organized and loads of fun, even for non-climbers. 110km and 7600ft of climbing!
Sunday, Mandrus, Doug and I went out @ 8. My legs were STIFF. We ended up with 90km in 2:40. I felt better for riding though. 200km this weekend!
Let's just say I'm taking today off the bike. TNCWC tomorrow night. Maybe some folks will show up...Bond says he's coming out...grrreeeeaaaat!

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