20 July 2009

Sunday and PV podium

So the MTs were out at the spa for Saturday night/Sunday, so I slept in (a little) and then met Doog for an easy spin through LR. 2 hours...what a freakin' perfect day outside!
Got home, ran some errands and took a nice, much needed, nap before the H.O. returned with the MTs. I also cleaned the nasty, nasty bike.

The weekend races in Asheville were also a boon the podium totals for PV.
Let's start at the top...
Coco - 1st Cat3 crit (and he's moving on to the 2s)
GW - 2nd Cat4 TT
Doog - 3rd Cat3 RR
Jay - 3rd Masters RR and 3rd Masters crit
Bond - 3rd Masters TT

Not a bad weekend for the team...

I just pressure washed the front and side of the house, including 50 feet of wood privacy fence. As much as I hate to say this, I actually LIKE using the pressure washer. It helps with my need for instant gratification. An okay way to spend a rest day too...

TNCWC tomorrow night. Be there...

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