18 July 2009

End o' the week

No ride Thursday, as it was storming like a beotch in Lower Richland. I sent both MTs to school Friday morning, so Doog and I met and rode. We went pretty easy and I ended with almost 2 hours. Picked up the boys at school and then met Doog, again, for lunch at Yo Burrito.
Pretty much everyone is in Asheville racing today, so I met Doug and we did a nice, steady 2:20 on the bike. Ended with 70km. It was BEAUTIFUL this morning. A light breeze and cooler than usual temps made for a nice ride.

Now for a bit of a rant...

Garmin/Slipstream sucks, period! That are led by a douchebag and, after today's stage, are pretty much the pariah in the peloton. Hincapie was in the break, 8+ minutes up and in the virtual yellow. Astana was riding piano on the front and let the gap go open. AG2R had zero chance of defending the MJ, so Garmin, who had ZERO reason to chase, went to the front and started drilling it. The rift between Columbia and Garmin is the only reason for this. Why on Earth would you chase the break when none of them are going to be threats in the next few days, including Big George? One of their own guys was in the break too!!!! If George hadn't been up the road, DB Vaughters would have never ordered them to chase. As Ron Burgundy would say, "Stay classy JV!"
Hincapie is a consummate professional. If anyone deserves to wear the MJ, even for a day, it's him. And don't, for a moment, think that Lance and Astana were chasing. LA and George have been friends forever, and are to this day.

I want to like Garmin, just because they are an American team, but I just cannot. Vaughters is a smug, self-righteous douchecanoe who thinks that he's bigger than the sport that has given him such a nice life. There are moments that you just shouldn't fuck around with history and tradition. Unfortunately, Vaughters didn't understand that today. He ostensibly robbed a one of the most liked guys (and a patron) in the peloton of a life-long dream.

Go Team Columbia/HTC...!!!!!!!!!!!!

As an aside, the neutral support guy from Mavic who botched Voigt's wheel change should be shit-canned...TONIGHT! That was some amateur hour shit! And then they wouldn't help pace him back up to the break. Hacks!


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