15 July 2009


Weird night last night. A few attacks went, but it seemed that no one really wanted to work...either in the breaks, or chasing them down. There were parts of the race that were blister-raising fast, but a few times, we went up the hill @ >30kmh.
With 4 to go, FK (formerly Der Kaiser...thank Crusty for the new nickname!), Paul and Crustofferson himself got away. The group kind of just watched them stretch it out. A little chase group of three got 1/2 way across just before 2 to go. I swallowed hard and closed it down in the hopes that someone would counter when we got there, only to be disappointed...
The three escapees stayed away and the rest of us sprinted half-heartedly for the field finish. Crusty and FK played 'Chip and Dale', one trying to give the win and the other not really wanting it. After you? No, after you!
I finished 9th, felt pretty good and had too much left in the tank at the end.
At least the field was little bigger this week.

As an aside, how about Cavendish? The kid is a fucking stud!
And Garmin/Slipstream...shut up with the excuses why Farrar can't beat Cav. It sounds kind of sad and pathetic.

Oh, and here's a GREAT Versus commercial!

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