22 July 2009


Both of the MTs are in 'school' this week, so I took advantage and went out on the bike yesterday morning. Coco and Doog swung by La Casa @ 0915 and we headed out for an easy spin. The plan was to do an hour, but we ended up with 90 minutes. The ride itself was uneventful, except for Coco breaking his rear Ksyrium...again. We rolled across the bridge on shop at 35kmh and the spoke just let go. Considering he's riding a cracked frame, the sound of the spoke breaking was unsettling, to say the least. At least he broke it on our bullshit morning ride than in the middle of the TNCWC!
The TNCWC assemblage was a bit larger than usual last night, but it was to be short lived. The first race lap was slower than the neutral lap, until FK lit the fuse. We went from 30kmh to 50kmh in about 150m. The initial break of 3 was caught, yet the pace didn't slacken until the 21 minute mark. That slackening of pace lasted approximately 17 seconds. The rest of the race was markedly faster than the past few weeks. The wheat was separated from the chaff pretty quickly last night. There was nowhere to hide and the line was single file for pretty much the entire 55 minutes.
I was out of gas (didn't eat/drink enough through the day) at the end and sat up through the last turn. Doog ended up taking the W and there was PV all over the front. Of course, of the 15 or so finishers, 8 were PV...
It was a fast and fun night and everyone stayed rubber-side down.

As for Jens, he's got facial injuries, including a broken cheekbone (yeoouch!), and a grade 3 concussion. Not bad considering how and where he crashed! Get well Jens!

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