05 August 2015


I'm on vacation. I'm not telling you where, as I don't want to advertise the spot, and have people come here and ruin it. Just keep enjoying Myrtle Beach and Folly. I hear the sharks are plentiful there right now.

The bike is getting used. A nice big loop was mapped out. about 90-ish minutes for the whole thing. Or it can be shortened/lengthened by on one of the smaller, inner loops. Also discovered a dirt road that cuts through the ancient dunes, and delivers one to the water's edge.
Yeah...I brought the Ridley, but it's only dirt.  

 As far as the eye can see...
 ...or until you hit the water.
It's just a little dirt.
I ran across a woman on a fat bike way out on the dirt. She told me I had the wrong bike. I wonder if she knows that she has a keen sense of irony?
Gonna saddle up for another couple of hours here shortly. I'm in no rush. I'm on vacation.

And to those surprised/shocked/saddened by the news that Tom Danielson got popped, again, for dope...well...you might be part of the problem. 
The guy has doped his entire career. He is the epitome of the phrase "...a donkey into a racehorse...".
He doped while he rode mountain bikes, and that got him his road contracts.
He doped on all of his road teams.
He admitted to blood doping, and served a pittance of a 6 month ban in 2012. The ONLY reason he only got 6 months was the fact that he testified against Lance. 
I have a friend who raced MTBs against him, and used to thump him SOUNDLY at NORBA events. Then, one Spring, TommyD shows up, and starts winning. Hmmmm....
He's also been known to have a dalliance, or 12, with podium girls while his wife was back at home with the kids.
He's a quality human being. 
Vaughters is another lying sack of schmuck. He employs these dopers, and being a doper himself, he defends them. 
TommyT needs the death penalty. No more racing for you. And Vaughters needs to quit, like he said he would if any of his guys on Garmin got popped. He won't though. He's never had the courage of his convictions.
Maybe Danielson can start his own Gran Fondo now. It seems to have worked for others....

Alright...enough for today...
I'm gonna go out on the bike. Then maybe lounge in the pool. Yeah...the house at the beach has a pool. Don't knock it until you try it! I was a skeptic at first too...

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