31 August 2015

Coming back to life

So after the better part of a week, I got back on the bike...
Friday was a test.
Easy HoP on the road bike. Got ride of a lot of "stuff" that was lingering in my head. Pleasant...I know.
Saturday, nothing but a 90km roll through the Swamp. Weather was perfect. 70s and overcast. I wore a baselayer. Whaaaat?
Sunday was a rainy affair. We did the Tues/Thurs loop in a light rain. Just enough moisture to exacerbate the creak that I'm chasing on the Ridley, and make it very, very dirty.
And had a bit of a scare on a raised white line. The front wheel caught it, and decided to head off in a direction other than straight ahead.
Fortunately, the combination of sticky Vittoria Open Corsas, and superior handling skills, kept me vertical and traveling forward. There was a moment of pucker though...
The drugs are working, and the "stuff" in my head is becoming less and less.
I'd like to ride this morning, but I just don't see it happening. It's wet, sort of dark, and I'm tired.
Not to mention that I need to give the Salsa some attention, and make sure the creak emanating from the Ridley has been silenced.
And Target...there's always a trip to Target....

Did you guys know that a CX bike could be ridden on groomed singletrack?

Who knew?

Me...that's who...except I'm riding UP hill...

Had a few good photos to upload, but The Googles seems to be acting up this morning.

Time to take #3 to school, and head to Target. The joy that is my life on a rainy Monday morning....

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