14 August 2015

Oy vey...my back...

So a week at the beach, throwing children around in the surf, not to mention the driving involved to get to and fro, will jack up a brother's back.
Tuesday and Thursday night's rides were WAY harder than they should have been simply because my back hurt when I tried to pedal with any sort of force.
Fortunately, I got a good Renicking this morning.
Speaking of T/Th rides, the one who shall not be mentioned was in normal form, which is to say, riding like a numpty.
Dropped on Tuesday, only to catch on at a red light, then attacks the group at the sprint. Ran a stop sign in front of traffic Thursday in order to get away from the group. Pssst....we let you go. Take the hint...AND GO!

At least the weather was really nice this week. Cooler, and less humidity. Yeah, I know it was still 90, but it's all relative.

There are two groups headed to the mountains this weekend. One Saturday, and one Sunday. Both will be 100km-ish mile rides. Should be a good time.
I'm staying home. I'm tired, and honestly, don't care to get into another car for a while. I've driven in excess of 40 hours in the last 30 days. No more windshield time for a while.
Instead, #2 MT and I are going to head out the The Powerstation in the morning for some trail work. Probably be out there around 10am, if anyone is interested.
Lots of trees, branches, and various other detritus to clean up after all of the storms.

The Secret Pro had an interesting entry over at CyclingTips...
He always has some surprises. One thing that wasn't surprising is the behavior of Garmin-Cannondale's management towards it's riders.

"Word on the grapevine is that the team has been pretty shitty with certain riders after the Tour, but that’s nothing new. One of their riders who failed to finish the Tour didn’t get invited to the after-Tour team dinner in Paris, something I’ve never heard of. Usually if you’ve been in the race you get to attend and have some sort of celebration."

Really? Not inviting riders to the team party? No wonder Dan Martin refused their contract offer, and is going to QuickStep. Vaughters needs to go away, and let his riders out from under his "management". 
Wonder how all of the Garmin fanboys/girls, and Fauxperts will defend it? 

Parlee went next level with this paintjob.

Custom BMW R90 dirt tracker. Shut up and take my money!!!

And I'll leave with this...

It's a $285, leather covered, bike lock. Shinola is pushing the boundaries of common sense. Seriously. This makes Rapha shit look like an intelligent choice. It doesn't protect your rig any better either. It's a fucking artisan bike lock.
Hipsters, meet your new God.
It's difficult to type while shaking my head. Try it...

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