17 August 2015

A whole lotta nothing...

Woke up at the crack of 8 on Saturday. It was a mountain weekend for a lot of folks. Not me...
#2 and I loaded up the bikes, the trailer, and various trail clearing implements, and headed out to The Powerstation.
Logs, limbs, and vines were cut and cleared. Previous fallen stuff that would cause problems was raked away.
You're welcome.
And a few of us are formulating a plan to build a crossing over the washout, which is quickly becoming a ravine. One side is rideable...for now...if you have the necessary skill.
It was a good morning. QT spent with the boy, and some good bike karma earned.
Woke up late again Sunday, and did the HoP loop on the road bike. Easy peasy. Made the mistake of coming in on Pulaski, through the Vista. Must have been move in day at the new apartments built down there, as there was a line of about 500 kids and parents. Poor planning on a whole lot of ends.
No thanks...
Once home, I fiddled with the bikes for a bit. New cleats on the road shoes, and general cleaning. I did put a 25mm Vittoria Open Corsa on the Williams WS28 wheels.
Two things :
1) The tire is HUGE. I mean appreciably big. It will likely be the setup for Winter riding.
2) It clears the brakes and stays on the Noah, but BARELY. There MIGHT be 2.5mm clearance on each plane.
Should be interesting to ride. We'll jump off that bridge when we come to it...

 A properly fitting skinsuit. Cipollini, of course...

 Who did the surgery on Peter Stetina's leg? Dr. Mengele? Did his leg get broken OFF?
On the serious, practical tip, how big of a fit issue did this create? That's a whole lot of bent leg going on.
Makes Phinney's leg look like a flesh wound.

If you see someone do this to a Coppi track frame, assault them, and liberate the bike. That shit's just not right!

Time to go buy a computer for the bike. I thought I could go without, but the habit of looking down at a little LCD screen is too ingrained. It's not Froome-esque, by any stretch, but a habit nonetheless.

Happy Monday...first day of school here. So quiet....

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