30 July 2015

When does school start?

August 17th.
Can't come soon enough. Maybe I'll be able to get some stuff done around here. And not have to listen to the incessant arguing of children.

Fun ride Tuesday, except for the fact that the group can't wait 15 seconds for the stragglers...at pre-determined gathering points.
Everything was peachy until Gator. I let the gap go to stay back, and pull a few stragglers up to the corner. The group decided to turn onto 302, and punch it. Good job guys! Way to look out for the group. Especially the one guy who'd never been on the ride before.
It's bad form to leave people out in the sticks. Period.
JMR and I buried it down 302, and made no dent in the gap. We picked up more than a few that got put out of the bunch.
Other than that, I actually felt okay on the ride, as if some sort of form was coming back. It was a bit cooler, and the rain that fell on us at the end was pretty nice to ride in.
Not a bad ride, other than the shenanigans of a few.
Tonight...we wait at the top of Gator. It's 15...30 seconds at most. It's not going to kill ANYONE'S ride...and it keeps us from looking like dicks to those from out of town.
And headed over TO the ride, I was forced to use Blossom St.  Fecking trains.
Coming down the bridge, by the Compress, I was rolling at 65kmh. That's 40mph in old money. The speed limit is 35.
Some sorority girl tried to pass me, so she could turn on to Huger. I was going OVER the GD speed limit, but she still tried to right hook me. Nice...

 The 2016 Scott Foil. Me likey. Though it looks suspiciously like the new Ridley Noah SL.
The upside of the Ridley? One can use their choice of bar and stem.
Forcing a customer to use a proprietary bar/stem setup smacks of bad business. It's one of the things that really turned me off when I looked at the new Madone 9. Not everyone likes shallow, ergo bars.
I appreciate the tech. I appreciate the design exercise. BUT...doing both for the sake of it (and marketing) is silly.
Bars, stems, lever placement, etc. is key to fit, and highly personal. I understand that there's SOME degree of adjustment built into these new proprietary "aero" front ends, but most people buying the need/want more.
Cervelo allows for choice as well...

Less than 48 hours until vacay. Again...can't come soon enough.
And big thanks to River Runner for having the Yakima bits I needed.


Junk said...

Seriously. Love, love, love my kids but it's time for school.

MM said...

Infanticide was a possibility today. And my kids are pretty good!