19 August 2015

A ride with many, many things....

Left late.
Train at the bottom of Rosewood.
Train at Huger.
Raced the train to the Frat/Sorrow Country Club.
Beat it by about 100m.
Took life by the hand to ride through the CC.
Made it to the ride.
Big group.
Seemingly a quick ride. Felt quick. Probably wasn't.
A little rain fell.
I slid a bit on the traffic circle. Sat up, knowing I had to ride home.
Rain started to fall harder.
Looked a bit like this off to the South...
Thought I could beat it home.
Wind picked UP. Rain fell harder.
Rain became blinding. Gusts to 30-ish mph. Was that hail?
Yes...it was hail. Tiny, little, stinging hail.
Rain falling in torrential sheets. That was DEFINITELY lightning.
Got flying monkeys dark. Didn't see the Wicked Witch.
May have stopped if I had. (That's Rachel Weisz BTW)
Didn't stop...already soaked.
Water FLOWING down the road. Hope there's not a pothole.
Dude in a Jeep pulls up beside me to make sure I'm okay. Thanks man! Appreciate your concern.
Big ringed up the hill on Rosewood, and all the way up through the 'hood.
Rode harder to get home that the group ride itself.
Made it back to Service Course.
It was hectic for a little while. Not quite Summer 2011 hectic, but alarming nonetheless.

Wiped down the Noah. Should probably go down and see if it needs to be drained. And re-lube the bits that need it.

It was a good time.

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