10 August 2015

Back to Reality

Monday after vacation. Depressing...
At least there's only a week until school starts, and I can ship of the MTs for most of the day.
I really feel bad for The Boss. She had to go back to the office today. I say this because 2 of her 3 underlings are about as emotionally mature as 9 year olds.
They evidently went after each other all week.
I'm honestly convinced one of them has Asperger's.

We drove back for our #undisclosedlocation Saturday. Nearly the entire trip through rural Georgia. We decided that there are four crops in Georgia.
Peanuts. Cotton. Soybeans. Pecans.
That's all we saw.
As Dean pointed out, 3 of the 4 are crops with healthy Government subsidies.
The drive home was uneventful, if not outright boring. The Beast performed admirably, as always. Swallowed up 6 people, and a dog, along with all of out shit, and ran like a champ.

I pulled the Ridley off the roof when we hit Service Course. It was foul. A week's worth of riding, in sun and rain, on tarmac and dirt, PLUS 1000 miles on the roof makes a white bike REALLY nasty.
And I don't know what kind of bugs are flying around in rural Ga., but when they hit the bike, they exploded. Little red firework-esque explosions of bug guts. Puke....
Even though I was dog tired, the bike got cleaned. My OCD prevented it from staying that way.

I rolled out Sunday, and met M & D at the spot for an easy Sunday spin. I felt a bit wrecked, but needed it to get some blood moving. 65km later, I was home.
The yard got cleaned. Thanks last week's storms. The front door was disassembled. Thanks last week's storms. A Whole Foods run was made. And The Beast got a bath to remove the salt, sand, and Ga. bugs.
The remainder of my day was spent lounging on the couch.
Oh, and replacing the bar tape on the Ridley. It was just gross...

 Had a good ride with #2 one of the days. The headwind was brutal, but he said it was cool, it "...makes him stronger..."
True dat buddy, true dat...
Later that night, we rode down to the lighthouse.  Not a bad spin with the kids.

Friday, The Boss wanted to go to a remote beach, so I helped her load the MTs, and then headed out on the bike, and met them there.
I did a few small loops, trying to hide from the 20+ mph breeze off the water, then hit the main road to roll it to our meeting spot. Once on the main road, I had those winds at my back. 40-45kmh was NO effort. Just turned it over. 50kmh was easily obtained.
When I hit the last section of road, through the dunes, I gave it some stick, and stayed over 50kmh for about 10 minutes. It was like motorpacing. So good.
And it was worth the effort....

And now, I get to look up the school supplies list for the MTs. Oh, and a few days make a World of difference.

Enjoy your Monday! I'm going to muddle through...

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