08 July 2015


If you haven't caught the Tour over the last couple of days, you've missed some craziness...

Yesterday's cobbled stage was pretty brilliant.
I don't care for Froome, but he grit his teeth, and went WAY outside his comfort zone to hang in yesterday. I can respect that.
I would say the same for Tejay, but as soon as a microphone was in his general vicinity, he whinged like an 8th grade girl who got cut from the cheerleading squad. Muppet.
The whole, "He's American, so you should like him..." is little more than jingoistic bullshit. It's funny that everyone he deals with thinks he's an asshole. Yes...yes they do...
Rumor has it his own FATHER has no explanation for his behavior.
I like dudes who show up, kill it, and are gracious. Example?
Hendy was on the BOTTOM of the pile Monday. No whinging from that guy...

And here's the definition of "team"...
Robert Gesink helping Laurens ten Dam at dinner last night. ten Dam dislocated his shoulder on Monday. Popped it back in, and finished the stage....rode the cobbles yesterday...and is racing today. #Nails

Some badass bikes in the Tour this year too. I could post 20 pictures, or you could just go HERE.

Fun ride last night. It was hot as BALLS, so I sat it the back, and watched the shenanigans. Kind of funny.
No efforts were made. Not a damn was given. 2nd ride on the Ridley in the past three weeks. Those big gears felt weird after pushing around a 48 chainring on the CX bike.
Once back from this weekend's trip North, I really need to get back on the road bike.

Gotta go get cracked and stretched for the trip...and watch the Tour...

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