19 July 2015

The week that was...

So after the road trip last weekend, Monday hit me like a bar of soap, wrapped in a towel.
Fatigue? Sure...a little. Back and legs shot? Oh yeah...
Tuesday sucked. It was WAY harder than it should have been. Just getting the body moving again after that much windshield time was a struggle.
Sit in? Yep. I was easily located...in the back.
Flatted a rear tire just as we turned to run for home. Super.
Thursday was much better, but it was HOT. Told myself I wasn't going to ride hard, and I didn't. Just rolled around.
Friday, The Boss, and 2 of 3 MTs loaded up, and went to Charleston to watch English Premier League side, West Bromwich Albion, take on the Charleston Battery.

Good match. Nice Evening. Worth the trip...even though it was more windshield time, and we got back LATE. (I-26 is a disaster. If you need to go to Charleston, take the back way!)
Slept LATE on Saturday. Rolled out @ 10, and did a couple of hours on the road bike, solo. It was hot as balls.
This morning, Mike and I rolled out @ 9. Here's where my morning went sideways...
Before we even crossed the river, I flatted the rear again. Nothing in the tire. Same location as the flat on Tuesday. It's a rim strip/pump head issue. Plus, the seam of the Vittoria latex tube is RIGHT NEXT to the damn valve! Poor design kids. Methinks that when I pull the head off the valve, it pulls the seam, and weakens it.
We'll see how the seamless latex Challenge tubes  do...
Once fixed, we rolled, and made it to the steel plant, where I flatted again. Cut the Vittoria OC SC. Another tube, a couple of boots, and some CO2, and we turned around to head home.
I should have taken it as a sign from the Cycling Gods to keep my big ass in the house, but NOOOOOO.
I switched shoes, threw the bottles on the Salsa, and headed back out to the Powerstation.
The dirt was heavy, and last night's storm blew branches everywhere, and fell at least three trees. I say at least, b/c I only made it to the third one. I tried to squeeze through a gap, and bump over the trunk, but the trees' limbs had other ideas.
One reached up and snatched the D/A rear mech CLEAN off the bike.

I may have yelled words very similar to Brother Tucker! Did I mention I was in the MIDDLE of the section? The call was made, and I began to walk.

I trekked through the "off limits" section of woods, and came out onto 12th. About a dozen cars passed. Only one stopped. A Miata. Driven by a 250lb lady. To her, I say, Thank You!
The Boss rolled up shortly thereafter, and I loaded up.

Damage Assessment for the day :
(1) Vittoria Open Corsa SC
(2) tubes (one latex, one butyl)
(2) CO2 carts
(1) D/A rear derailleur

Thankfully, the chain and wheel were okay. Even so, it was a $200-250 morning.
Both bikes are sorted, and ready for action. I was forced to use an Ultegra R/D on the CX bike though. I know...slumming...
Time to get on Ebay, and source some tires....and maybe an old XTR short cage.

On the upside this week, I did get a KILLER deal on some new road shoes.
No more flouro. I was an early adopter, and now that the bandwagon is becoming crowded, I'm getting off. Back to the tried and true. And yes, I'm a Diadora whore.
Also picked up a Park Tool DH-1 Dummy hub. Brilliant little piece of machinery.
Holds the chain steady, and the little black cylinder moves back and forth along the blue "axle". Easy peasy. Buy one. Thank me later.
And I'll leave with this...
I have a bad luck day with equipment, yet this chode, who puts flat bars & platforms, on a Fondriest, rides around freely.
Come on Cycling Gods...help a brother out!!!

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