11 May 2015

When good rides go bad...

Nice little group yesterday on a cloudy and breezy morning.
We were clipping right along for the first 2.5 hours of the ride. It was quite pleasant.
Once we crossed Hwy 21, and started down the hill, things went wrong.
We passed a treeline beside a little house that looked like a movie set for the new movie, "How to Cook Meth for Fun and Profit", and I saw a BIG ASS dog sprinting out towards the road. And by big, I mean 100+ pounds big...
Dean and I made it past, and no sooner did I yell turn my head to yell "DOG", the mutt t-boned Mike, turning him completely perpendicular to the direction of travel.
He went down in a 68 year old man/Colnago V1-r shaped pile.
It was not a gradual stop.

The bad :
Road rash, and a few BIG bumps and bruises.
Destroyed helmet. His Giro Atmos gave it's life to protect his skull.
His left ring finger was dislocated, and heading off in a direction that was wholly unnatural.
Thankfully, nothing was broken, which is a bit of a shock, as old people are fragile.

The good:
The Colnago emerged virtually unscathed. No damage to the frameset, EPS group, nor November wheels.
A cursory inspection revealed some slightly bent handlebars, and a Look Keo Carbon pedal that was missing a bit of carbon.
Shocking really.

We postulated that the lack of damage to the bike was because the crash happened so fast. Mike just never had the chance to let go, so he broke the bike's fall. The fact also contributed to the finger going off at a wonky angle. Upon hitting the ground, the bars twisted...and so did his finger.

Once he got his wits about him, and we sort of determined that there was no real damage, the call was made to his wife to come and collect him...from the middle of damn nowhere.
After loading him into the car, the rest of us rode on with considerably less enthusiasm. The 90 minutes home was long.
I haven't spoken to Mike yet this morning, but the prevailing wisdom is that he's likely a bit sore.

Yes, that's dog hair stuck in his chain/chainring!!! Told you it t-boned him!!

The Giro and Tour of Cali are underway...

IMO, the ToC stage was painfully boring.

Theo Bos' Cervelo S5. So badass. Just simple, yet looking like it could kick your ass...
Like so...

Gonna be hot today. Looks like Summer is weaseling it's way in...dammit...
But on the plus side, the college kids are starting to leave town...

Have a solid Monday.

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