08 May 2015


Yeah, so I rode last night. I know I said I was going to take the whole week off, but after single parenting, I needed to get out of the house.
A sore shoulder and a ripping headache couldn't stop me.
The ride was actually fun-ish. The Jackass had to pull his normal shit of attacking through a stop sign in an effort to get away, and then not pulling through when things got hard, but other than that, it was a good time.
And the weather was pretty damn nice. Mid-70s in May? I'll take it. We can thank the low pressure/sub-tropical system (Ana) that's sitting off the coast.
I think she's the reason for my headache as well...

No ridey for me tomorrow. The Boss has to work the Poultry Festival in Batesburg-Leesville. Bet that will be a good time. The people of WalMart in an open-air, festival/carnival environment. I can get you some passes...you know you want to go...

And after 3+ years, in two bikes, the Enduro BB in the Ridley is giving up the ghost. I'd say the nearly 20k miles on it has been a pretty stellar service life. Fauxperts say that ceramic BBs fail, and don't last, but if one takes care of one's equipment, they're pretty damn solid. Definitely has been longer lived than any standard Shimano unit I've ever ridden.
There's a new VCRC unit inbound as we speak. Same one that lives in the CX bike. If you're looking for a new BB, check them out.

Friday bike porn...

Speedvagen (Vanilla/Sacha White) with Super Record EPS, and Boras. Not to mention FMB Paris Roubaix tires. Grizzly...

Messi v. Boateng

I'm still convinced there was a sniper in the stadium.

My new Oakley Straight Jackets hit the door earlier in the week. If you're looking for Rx sunglasses, look no further. Superior optics, materials, and engineering. Worth every penny.
Seriously, if you're spending the $ for Rx glasses, be they regular, or sunglasses, Oakley is the only way to go. I've worn Rx Oakleys for the better part of ten years, and I'm convinced that they are the reason my prescription hasn't changed much over that time.
And no, I cannot get Lasik surgery, as the retina in my left eye is damaged...but thanks for asking.

The Giro and the Tour of California both start this weekend. I know which I'll be watching...

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