22 May 2015


That's the best descriptor I can find for last night's ride.
It was fouled up from the beginning, and pretty much stayed fouled up.
The group got split at a light, and those made the split forgot that there were others on the ride.
It happened again at Old Wire, and yet again at the 321 crossover.
From that point, there was a lot of chasing (from a very few), and a whole lot of silly behavior (from many).
After no one bothered to roll slowly at the top of Gator, and wait for the group to gather, I took the bit firmly in my teeth, climbed into the Hurt Locker, and closed the door behind me.
A 10 minute plus pull, at 50kmh+, later, and three of us got back on. The shit hurt.
After Tech, I sat up. The ride was silly, and looked like it was about to get sillier.

Not every ride can be great...

Speaking of, Becky is doing her ride at Caughman Road Park on Monday (Memorial Day) morning. 0830 rollout. Last year's Memorial Day Ride was great. Everyone stayed together, and we rolled right along at 33-35kmh...for the entire loop. When we needed to gather up, we did.
The Labor Day ride was a clusterfuck. Too many people riding WELL over their heads, and creating danger for everyone. And let's not mention those who bailed out of the store stop, forgetting the rest of the group, and rode like wankers for the rest of the ride.
I will say this now, and will likely say it again Monday morning...
The group WILL stay together. The group WILL look out for each other. The ride WILL NOT turn into a dick measuring contest. It's a ride to foster a little bit good spirit within the diverse Columbia/Midlands cycling community.
We will go 30-35kmh. Sure, there will be a couple of fast spots, but we'll gather up and ride together after they conclude.
If this doesn't appeal to you, or you feel the need to whip out your junk, please stay home. If the urge overcomes you, and you should choose to act like a numpty, I will chase you down, and embarrass you in front of God and everyone.
Try me...
This is a great ride, on a great loop, and an opportunity to ride with folks one normally wouldn't ride with, as well as fostering some good feelings of community.
Don't fuck it up...

(Rant Over)

Anyone that wants to ride over to Caughman Road Park, we are meeting at 0730 at Owens Field Airport. Ride over, do the ride, and ride home. Right at 110km total.

National Road and TT Champs are this weekend in Chattanooga. Here's a preview of the TT course, courtesy of VW, Tanner Foust, and Tim Johnson...

Gotta jet...
I have an afternoon of running around ahead of me...

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Junk said...

Weird, but most pro sightings were today on the course. Instead of being out at the TT.