26 May 2015

Just a little...

Saturday : CX bike. 50km spin. The far end of The PowerStation is loose, mostly due to logging activities.
The end by Eastman is being logged so that 12th St. can be extended through to 176. The section between the far K-Rail and the washout is being logged by the property owner. I'm guessing because the pines that were planted long ago are now mature, and worth money.
Just be aware of the activity out there.
Sunday : Road. 75km out Pine Plain, up the hill to Sandy Run, and back into town. Just a nice, casual ride on a Chamber of Commerce day.
Monday : Becky's Memorial Day Flat Fun 80km. As usual, a gaggle of us downtown folks, plus one intrepid Lexington soul, met at 0730, and rode to the ride.
HUGE group yesterday. Somewhere near 100 showed up. All shapes, sizes, and ability levels. It was pretty cool to see.
The group rolled, en masse, to The Swamp for the first stop. after a break naturel, and bottle fill (separate things), the shenanigans started. It was actually controlled this year, and pretty fun. A nice stretch of 40-50kmh, on really shitty roads. Made me glad I ride 25c Vittorias.
Once we turned towards Eastover, I shellaced a baby-head-sized divot in the pavement, and could have sworn my rear tire was going down. I sat up. Evidently, the only thing going soft was my brain.
From Eastover back to the park, we had a nice group of 20 or so, and traded turns at 33-40kmh the whole way. It was pleasant.
Bottles were filled (again), pleasantries were exchanged, and we rode back into town. I hit the 'hood with 106km, so I spun the block until it was an even 110. OCD.
Our Lexington compatriot, JMR, gets the Hardman of the Day Award. He knocked down 200km. Yes...TWO HUNDRED KILOMETERS. That's 126 miles in old money.
Quick numbers :
3900 feet of climbing
7 hours and 25 minutes
28kmh average
4900 calories
About half of it was solo. STUD.

We'll see how everyone's tired legs feel tonight.

National Champs were in Chattanooga yesterday.
FULL coverage :

The men's race was one for the hardmen. I was cool with any of those guys winning...except for Horner.

Ali Tetrick has a couple of ouchies from yesterday.
And evidently, the prize for winning the men's race was a baby...
Let's see if Trek Factory Racing can design a National Champ jersey for Busche that doesn't look like a semi-custom job from Voler. Remember the angry midget's NC jersey?

We'll close with a lesson in style from Mr. Coppi...

Have a good Tuesday! I need to run around this morning and start getting my poop in a group for Mancation 2015.

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Junk said...

Someone said it was good to see Horner up there on the podiuu
M with Busche.