29 August 2014

What's the life of a cyclist worth?

Well, if you're riding LEGALLY in California, it appears that your life is worth NOTHING.

Remember the LA County Deputy that struck and killed a cyclist back in December of 2013...WHILE responding to an email on the computer in his squad car?

It seems that the LA County Sheriff's Department will NOT be filing charges against the Deputy, as fucking around with a laptop, thus driving distracted, is "within the scope of his duties...".  What the ever loving fuck?
 I guess the texts that Deputy Woods sent his wife immediately before he ran down the cyclist were official business too?!?

Another person murdered by Law Enforcement. They just got a little more creative this time.

Here's the Facebook page of the Lost Hills Division of the LASD. Their Twitter account is @LASDHQ . Light 'em up...

Want to get really pissed?  Here's the DA's "Charge Evaluation Worksheet" for the incident.
Just another example of Law Enforcement circling the wagons to protect one of their own.

I hate to be political, or sound militant, but this shit has to stop. If those who are tasked with our protection brush off the killing of a cyclist, then what chance do we have with the general population?
Look out for yourself. Protect yourself.  Ride with a camera, still or video. Get plate numbers. Call the police. Be a pain in the ass!
And most of all, KNOW THE LAW!! Put it in your phone, or print off a small copy and keep it somewhere on your person, or bicycle.

I can tell you, with some degree of certainty, that LEOs don't know the Law as it pertains to bicycles.
We had a run-in a few years ago with a Richland County Deputy who told us to ride single-file.
Well, NO! Riding two-abreast is legal. I stated this fact, and he got pissed off, and stopped his vehicle dead in the middle of Airbase Rd. Now you tell me, which of these things is more dangerous?
He demanded my ID, and began to read me the riot act.  When he was done coughing and spitting, I asked him to go to his in-car laptop, and look up SC 56-5-3430. Begrudgingly, he did so. After about 5 minutes, he returned, and threw my ID at me. Well, I missed the catch, and it fell to the ground.
I asked him to pick it up and hand it to me, as I had shown him the same courtesy when he'd initially requested the ID.  He approached me with anger, and I explained that our entire encounter was being recorded.
It was funny how his demeanor changed once he was aware that his face, voice, and behavior were now secure in my Contour HD camera.
He picked up my ID, handed it to me, and without another word, walked back to his cruiser, and drove away.
I still have the video in the bowels of my laptop. You never know...

Be safe out there people. Look out for each other. Whether you like a person in your riding group or not doesn't matter. We are all a part of the same family.

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