20 August 2014

USA Cycling...(facepalm)

So the Tour of Colorado USA Pro Challenge is going on. It was rainy yesterday, and they had to traverse a dirt section.
I think you can all guess what happened next.

So the racers ALL covered the muddy and sloppy dirt section w/o issue, only to have the idiots from USA Cycling stop them, and neutralize the race ONCE THEY GOT BACK ON THE TARMAC! Oh, did I mention they were 8km from the finish?
The riders were understandably pissed off. And you can see Tejay vanWhingeren gesticulating and exclaiming that the race should have been neutralized earlier.

The race shouldn't have been neutralized AT ALL!  Yeah, it rained. Yeah, it got chilly. Yeah, the road was muddy.  Don't like it? Get a fucking job, and sit in a cubical all day.
Most of us would give our left (insert appendage here) to race over those roads.

USA Cycling's explanation was that the UCI and the organizers made the decision. Uh, bullshit!
That's a USA Cycling Official. You can tell by his khaki pants, and the blue cotton-poly blend dress shirt.

Thanks goodness USA Cycling doesn't run races in Europe, or one of the best stages of the Giro EVER would have been neutralized...

Moving on...

Fun ride last night. We went the regular way, as the bridge can now be crossed. Sure, every had to get off, and take two or three steps, but it's MUCH safer than running the loop backwards with such a big group.
Nothing of real interest happened. No yelling. No stupid riding. There was a fixie kid on a single speed with one brake, but he was quickly dispatched.
Once on 302, it was easy to see that the sky over Columbia was DARK, and flashes of lightning were popping in the distance.
I had a flashback to that Thursday night a few Summers ago when the weather went completely sideways on us in a few short minutes.
Riding in hail and wind sucks.
Fortunately, the skies were kind.

It was good to see Ricky out as well. I think we needed to see him as much as he needed to be there.

Eye Candy : Parlee

And if you haven't seen it, Slaying the Badger...

Basso having a WTF? moment in Colorado as he passes Lance...
It's Wednesday...you're halfway there...

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