21 May 2014

New kid in town

It seems TVH got him a new bikecycle from them Canadian fellers over at the KindHuman.
(Identity hidden to protect the innocent)(And yes, his flip-flips are Look compatible!)

He got one a them there Krest models. 
And before you naysayers, negative Nellies, and Debbie Downers get on your, "It's just another Chinese open-mold frame..." kick, please STFU, and learn something about the bike, carbon fiber, and it's purveyor.
It's Taiwanese, spec'd with higher grade carbon than bikes that 'fauxperts' deem to be high-end, and I'll be honest here, it's really fucking nice!
Hell, my super-duper Ridley wasn't even made in Taiwan.  It was punched out of some nameless factory in China.  Made in Belgium?  Not quite.  The pack slip was in Mandarin.
Word on the street is that it's just as stiff as his Colnago, yet a bit more compliant in the rear.
The BIG square downtube, oversized headtube, and big chainstays give this stiffness, while the thin, flat seat stays give the ride quality.
Did I mention it looks really nice?
With his Super Record and Boyd carbons, it's a 15 pound bike...and NO effort was made to build it "light".
I'm sort of hot for one...

Fun ride last night.  Nice and easy.  Some of the kids rode their CX bikes, so we rolled out 12th really slow, which made the group larger than usual.  No worries.  The more the merrier.
And more than a few were nursing "Day After Mitchell" bodies, so I'm sure than less than aggressive pace was pleasant.
Funny part?  Even at the slightly more relaxed pace, El Matador still couldn't take a pull, scrabbled for wheels so he wouldn't get popped out, yet "found" his legs at the end of the ride for the P.O. sprint.  Gotta be the first to that parking lot podium!
As TVH said last night, El Matador probably got home and told his wife that he was the hero of the ride.  Too bad he won't come out on Sunday rides...  #wanker
Nice to have a couple of fast ladies in the group too.  We're used to Rox being there, b/c, well...she's fast, but the addition of Sara, and the now-riding-across-the-country Morgan, only serves to make the group better.
Video break --

So you think you can descend?  You can't!  And just falling down the mountain doesn't count!!

Lily's back...and cooler than your dog...

 And Farrar causes yet another crash.  Boy needs some glasses, or needs to learn not to cross wheels...

Get back to work...


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