09 May 2014

A weird kind of fun...

So the vast majority of the group tagged along last night when it was decided that the normal loop would be done backwards.
As I stated a couple of weeks ago, the Tues/Thurs loop backwards is an animal of a different species. 
Even so, it was damn fun, different, and the same folks made it to the end.  I will say though, of all the times I've ridden up the back side of Glenn Rd. in the past 3 or 4 years, and there have been many, the sheer thought of slapping it into the big ring would have seemed ludicrous. 
Well, I think we all found it last night. 
Never gone up through there at over 20mph.  Might not again. 

And we all know my feelings on quoting average speed for a ride, but the average for the loop backwards was higher than the usual average for the forward direction.  Weird.  My guess is that the ride was way steadier, and more of a fast tempo-y affair than the herky jerky high-speed/low speed nature of the "normal" loop.

I'm glad we decided to do it. Methinks it should be a semi-regular thing. 

I also broke out some new equipment last night.

The new Williams WS28 wheels came out, as well as the flouro Diadora Jet Racer shoes.

Initial impressions of the wheels?  Stiff, smooth, and they roll really well.  23mm wide rims are pretty freaking nice.  They made the 23mm Vitts fat and round.  And don't let the published weight of the wheels fool you.  They ride WAY lighter.  Combine the wide rim, the 320tpi Vitts, and the latex tube, you get a sublime ride.  And let's be honest, these are "training" wheels.  These will be primary for the next few years.  They will be RIDDEN.
I'll do a complete review once I get more than 70km on them...

And if you're gonna bring game, bring "A" game. 
Gotta say, I like these Jet Racers better than my Pro Racers.  Bigger toe box, a bit wider, and a bit better padded.  These have jumped directly to the primary position in my shoe hierarchy.  I put Pearl Izumi's 1:1 footbeds in them as well.  Great insole system, and the shoes have plenty of volume for them.
Plus, they're just SO PRO.  And for what I paid...

Stainless. D/A 9000 mechanical. Thomson cockpit. Enve wheels.  This seems to check all of my boxes.  A-Train in Minneapolis is responsible for this one.  Clean and Simple people... clean and simple.

And Sylvain Chavanel's Scott for the Giro.  Clean and simple, yet shouty at the same time.  Quite good.

The Salsa will be buttoned up tomorrow.  Just need to install the chain, cables, and do a final check over.  It's starting to look like a bike.  I'm going to feel almost guilty for banging down a dirt road on it.  Almost...
Remember, it's a tool, not a jewel...

Time to get the day started.  I actually have stuff to do today.  Shocking...I know...

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