12 May 2014

Do weekends get faster as we age?

That one FLEW by...

Saturday was a blur.
A quick spin to loosen up.  A U8 futbol match that included poor sportmanship by the other team, and by one parent in particular.  It's cool though, he got put firmly in his place.
I just feel bad for the kids that got caught up the middle of it.
Being a jerk-off at a 8 year old's soccer game is bad form.

Post lunch, I helped the Boss get the pressure washer started so she could create more work for me.  While she did this, I finished up the Salsa rebuild.

Methinks it turned out okay.  I've missed having it in the quiver for the past couple of months.  I miss the dirt...

Sunday we rolled out into LexCo for a little spin.  Beautiful day.  A bit overcast, light wind, and except for nearly getting killed by some Christian on his way to church, it was a damn good ride.  It even included another episode of "I'll drag you to a Top 10" on a Strava section.  You're welcome Charlie!
It was evidently wildlife day on 12th St. as well.  TVH stopped for a turtle, then about 400m later, I stopped for another.  Immediately following the two turtle saves, a huge red-tailed hawk dropped out of the trees and flew over TVH's head.
And then, once past Amazon, we passed a pair of geese parents, and their triplets.
Nothing like running a (soon to be) 4 lane road through a low-lying wetland area.
Be ready for turtle (and other animal) saves out there folks.

Once back at Service Course, it was a quick turnaround, a sammich, and running around with the Boss for the afternoon.
Next thing I remember is putting Junior Management to bed.
Time flies when you're having fun.

 Cadel...really?  Aero helmet with a cap under it?  Dude...
Just another day at the local crit!  At least his Chinese carbon tubs didn't fail.  I call dibs on the crankset...

And yeah...remember the Boston Marathon bombing?  This could have been MUCH worse...
Nothing like proclaiming one's nationalism by killing one's own countrymen!  Good job IRA!!

Oh yeah...the Giro...I'll let Cosmo handle it...

Enjoy your Monday people!  I gots to go.  Places to go...backs to get cracked...groceries to buy...

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