16 May 2014


Yeah...it's what the "fauxperts" think should happen every time any sort of liquid falls from the sky, making the road wet, during a Euro race.
Sure, I understand it in American crits.  If there's a big crash, and the course is blocked, or a rider is injured, by all means, shut it down.
In point to point Euro races, especially at the highest level, there's just no reason for it, especially if it's weather related.
Now, I understand why, at certain times, everyone should just say "No!", and get off the bike, and in the car.
Take MSR last year.  Guys were finishing with shells of ice covering them.  It was silly.

Let's jump forward to now.  In the last few days, the weather has been less than perfect at the Giro.  It's been raining, and the roads have been slippy.  Several crashes have occurred, eliminating more than a few riders.
One stage was neutralized, and calls went out yesterday for the same to happen.
Let's be clear here...
For serious weather, like what gave Hendo his candy shell in the above photo, it's a judgment call to neutralize.
In RAIN???
It's rain. Yeah, the road gets slippery.  And?
I'm all for the safety of the riders, but to neutralize a race/stage every time a little moisture falls from above is to do a dis-service to cycling.
Weather and rain is a part of the deal.  It has been since the first cavemen raced their Flintstones bikes.
Look at Lance winning @ Hautacam in 2000.  The weather was abysmal.  It was great.  The weather was the unseen force that helped change the course of the race.

Or Roubaix in 1994 or 2001

Can you imagine?
"Oh, it's muddy...we're going to neutralize the race..."
These Chicken Littles of cycling would have been apoplectic watching the Civitella stage of the 2010 Giro...

Sorry peeps, but that shit right there is RACING.  It's hardmen getting it done.  Period.

Of course, these "fans"/"fauxperts" don't know anything about these races.  They have no perspective.
One of these non-riding folks actually said, "I've been following pro cycling since 2009...I know what I'm talking about..."
I mean, what's next, calling for the riders to get off when climbing Ventoux because it's hot, and there's no shade?
Ridiculous.  Leave it alone people.  OR better yet, get off your dead, no riding, asses, and go ride in the weather.  Get an appreciation for it.  Personally, I LOVE riding in the shit.   A lot of pro guys do too.
And no, by NO means am I comparing myself to pro-dogs.  I do, however, understand that riding in the wet/cold/shit really sucks, but I've come to embrace it, and have some sick, bordering on perverse, love for it.
If one appreciates the ride in terrible conditions, one will find riding in perfect conditions that much better.

Speaking of, no ridey last night.  It was raining, and I rode enough in the junk through the Winter, and to be honest, I'm a little tired.
Instead, I watched Taylor Phinney put on a solo-effort exhibition from Cali.

The kid is impressive.  He kind of snuck away, then stayed away.  And remember, he's only 23...
I was sent his power numbers last night with the promise I wouldn't publish them...and I won't.
I will say, however, that the number was sufficiently high.  And by sufficiently, I mean hard to wrap your head around.

Alright kids, it's Friday, and it's beautiful outside.  Get it all over you today. 

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