14 May 2014

12 days

12 days of school of school left, not counting today.  The teachers are already phoning it in.
Today is the "Friendship Festival", and #2 has two field trips before school is out.
South Carolina...49th in education...#1 in your hearts.

Vigorelli Velodrome.  Wonder if one would get a splinter if one crashed on it?

Another bike I have NO use for, yet the amount of want is inordinate...

I finally figured out where the creaking on the Noah was coming from, and it's not the BB.  It's the saddle rails/seatpost cradle.  It will be remedied at some point today.  Annoying as merde...

My mom's yellow lab passed away last week.  She's already considering getting another dog.  I sent her this photo...

Fun ride last night.  Just sort of rolled around, yet somehow shed most of the group, including everyone's favorite wheelsucker.  Oh, and hereafter, Sean shall be referred to as "El Matador", because he'll get out of the way to avoid being on the front faster than a bolt of lightning.
And believe me when I say it's not just me complaining about his riding.  There's a very strong female that's been on the ride exactly TWICE, including last night.  She called him out.  There you have it.
And here's another "Rules" violation :
The violation was especially heinous last night, as the offender had already been put out of the "racer" group.  When the main group caught this person, he felt the need to constantly surge, and look over his shoulder to see if he was doing any damage.  He was not...
Finally, after a couple of surges on 302, a few of us took it upon ourselves to end his stupidity, and put him out the back. 
And there seemed to be a spate of flats last night.  The first was Veloflex-related, and the second was toilet-related.
Veloflex tires are made in Italy, in the old Vittoria works, by old Vittoria employees.  They ride like butter on a bald monkey, but have little in the way of flat protection.  From experience, this can be problematic.
The toilet flat was caused by...well...chunks of a toilet.  Someone lost a commode out of their truck, as is the fashion in rural SC, they left it on the road.  Porcelain will EAT a skinny bike tire. 
It was fun last night.  I never felt at all in the red, and had a good time...and that's what it's about.  If it's not fun, you're doing it wrong.

Watch for my review of the Williams WS28 wheelset in the coming days.  I like them a lot...

And rumor has it that there may be a CX ride next week.  Probably good, as I should really ride/shakedown the Salsa before the End-of-School ride on the 24th.  45 miles in the dirt on a newly built rig is probably not the wisest decision one could make.

Time to go to Lowe's and price materials for a small deck project.  Funny how I had the exact same idea, in the same location, 5 years ago, and it was brushed aside by Management.  
Sometimes, I'm so far ahead that I'm coming up from behind...

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