22 November 2013

This is the end...

...of this week at least.  At what an end.  It's 75 and sunny outside right now.  Chamber of Commerce day.  Sorry to those of you who are suffering thru shit weather.  Move somewhere that's nice...wait, no...stay where you are...

The ride last night was, well...a ride...for me.  I'm sure everyone else had a good time, but my heart wasn't in it.  I did about 1/2 of the loop, and headed home.  Perfect night though.  65...no wind...
I still ended up with two hours on the bike, and that's two things.
1) More than most people got.
2) Better than ANY time on the trainer.

Link dump...

Good program...cool kit....you may see one of these running around here soon!

Interesting design for CX.  I like it.

Here's the loop...
And here's the waiver you'll be required to sign...

Gravel Fun(d) Ride Waiver

By signing below, I, (write your name here) ________________________ certify that:

  • I am physically healthy, and mentally competent enough, to complete the event
  • The University of South Carolina, Gamecock Cycling Club, and event organizers are not responsible for undisclosed medical conditions that may harm myself, or fellow riders
  • I will obey the rules of the road, ride in a courteous and cordial manner while sharing the road with vehicular traffic, and my fellow (awesome) cyclists
  • I am aware of the course markings.
  • I have enough supplies to get home (tubes, air, cell phone, food) from this self-supported event
  • I am aware that I am riding a bicycle on open, public roads, and that the event organizers designed a route with safety in mind, but that accidents do happen. I also acknowledge that the University of South Carolina, Gamecock Cycling Club, and event organizers are not responsible for damages that may occur.
  • I will not be a _______ (negative adjective of your choosing). I will have a rad time.


Feel free to copy it into your preferred document program, print it off, sign it, and bring it with you!

Now watch some high dollar, virtually irreplaceable cars go wheel to wheel...

Svenness 2.8

  #SVENNESS 2.8 from In The Crosshairs on Vimeo.

Go outside and play...

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Junk said...

Waiver is in black font...may want to change it to white. :/