21 November 2013

Hey YOU!!!

That's right kids.  Some big fun is on the horizon!!!
All are welcome!  This is a RIDE...not a race!  The pace may will pick up in spots, but we will gather up at the end of the dirt sections, and at the halfway point. 
No man, nor WOman will be left behind!!!
All dirt sections are rideable!  There will be no hike-a-bike!
All bicycles are welcome!
CX, MTBs, 29ers, 650b, fixed gears, and even road bikes.  Just have a FAT set of tires!!!

This is a permitted USA Cycling ride.  It also benefits USC Cycling.

While we are not charging you for the grin you will receive, we do ask that you throw a few greenbacks Mr. Bristol's way.  This money will help him get to Boulder for Collegiate CX Nationals.  He's a good dude, and deserves it!  No one will strap the old ETV ratcage to your face, so let your conscience be your guide.

Want more info?  You people know how to find me...

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