07 November 2013


There's a reason I don't use UPS.  They suck.  Clear enough?
I ordered a new phone.  A badass Motorola Moto X to be exact.  Ordered last weekend.  Shipped by Amazon immediately, as usual, then UPS became the monkey fucking the football.
The phone left Kentucky, and made it to Greensboro in less than 24 hours.  It got checked into the UPS facility, and then...nothing...for two days.  It did not so much as move.  Lost?  Stolen?  Who knows...?
Nevermind the fact that I paid for GUARANTEED delivery by Wednesday...you know...yesterday....!!
So last night about 7:30, I checked tracking, and the phone was still languishing in NC.  Hello Twitter, I think I'll rip UPS a bit.
Where's my LOST package?
To their credit, UPS answered quickly, and "located" the "misplaced" package.  Did they scan it, throw a red label on it, and get it here ASAFP?
Hell no!  They gave a hollow, emailed apology, and tossed it on the truck...ground delivery...two full days late.
Did I mention I paid for GUARANTEED delivery by Wednesday? 
Yeah, it was lost somewhere in their system, or as Angela from UPS forcefully corrected me via email, it was "misplaced".
Right now, I'll pause for a moment so you can Google the definition of "misplaced"...

Yeah...definition #2?  :  Temporarily LOST!!!

Sure FedEx is more money, and USPS hemorrhages money like a hemophiliac who nicked an artery, but they both get packages where they need to be, when they need to be there.  Christ, in the time it took to get the damn phone, I could have driven to Lexington, stayed with my friend Derek for a couple of nights, got some good rides in, and driven home...with the phone!!!

Links to burn productivity :

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Ok...time to go to Whole Paycheck...

PS-  We have heat.  And it is gooood!

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