26 June 2013

So, you wanna do Haute Route?

Haute Route 2012 - Col de Sarenne descent from Peter Horrell on Vimeo.

Guessing carbon clinchers are frowned upon?

Look up "Pro Style" and you'll find this photo.  Kris Koren is PRO!!  Check the wheels too!  Vision 30s.  1700g of alu clincher goodness. 

Being Marianne Vos, the biggest badass in ANY peloton is ALL glamour...

Just got cracked and stretched this morning.  Funny how the tingly pain in my back and legs and already subsided.  Also recommended to a full-fledged PRO that he seek out an A.R.T. practitioner to alleviate his back issues.  He did just that.  Can't wait to see what he has to say...
If you have back, hip, leg issues, find A.R.T.!!  It will change the way you think. 
It completely saved my riding.  Granted, I still suck, but it allowed me to continue to suck, rather than selling all of my bike shit, and quitting!

Anyone have a spare 56/57cm frameset laying around?

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