14 June 2013

Ok...time to move on...

Last night's ride went of @ 6:30, as usual, only it wasn't...

A hastily organized memorial ride happened for Dr. Hudson.  It was very well attended, and served it's intended purpose well. 

Not a lot of us knew Dr. Hudson, but that really didn't matter.  He wasn't just one of us...he WAS us.  The accident Tuesday could have happened to any of us, and that's what's most sobering.

Thanks to Tim Malson @ Summit for putting the short loop together.  Thanks to those who took the time to come out.  There were @ 100 riders, of all shapes and sizes.

A HUGE thanks to the Cayce and West Columbia Police Departments, and the Officers involved, for taking the time to run interference for the ride.  Every intersection was blocked for us to pass. 

And thanks to The State for their story about the crash, and the Memorial Ride. 

My hope is that eyes have been opened to what it is that we do, and the dangers involved.

We all wore black armbands for Ed.  Many gave theirs back.  Mine is pinned to the corkboard in Service Course as a reminder...

There are lessons to be learned here as well.

Pay attention.  One moment of inattention can be disasterous.

Ride within your ability.  I know that everyone want to be in the front, going fast, but know YOUR limit.  I know mine.  No false male pride here.  When it's time to sit up, sit up.  No Euro teams are watching, nor is how far we make it before getting spit out of the group used as a measuring stick for who we are as people.

The rides next week will be a bit more sedate.  Speeds going out 12th. will be kept in check a bit. 

Now, back to the show...

 Back when riders were men, not anorexic whiners.  And look at the soigneur on the end.  Think that guy could rub the knot out of your calf? 

 Remember these things?  If you never seen any of these, keep your expertise to yourself...

You had me at hello...until I saw the disc brakes.  I'm at a loss...

It's going to be a spectacular weekend.  Go outside and play.  Breath the air...live your life. 

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