13 December 2011


Sorry...completely not cycling related, but made me laugh really hard!

Gavia? Alpe d'Huez? Yeah, you wish! That shit is SICK!

All aboard the Pain Train. Mr. Merckx will be your Conductor, while Mr. de Vlaeminck will be the Engineer. Also, check the equipment! These guys were fucking hammers, and didn't need 11 speeds, electronic shifting, or Zipps!

Screw a Garmin! I'm just gonna follow whatever vein on Hoogerland's leg that'll get me home. Let's just call it HPS...the Hoogerland Positioning System!

Good 2 hours in the dark tonight. Nothing quite like riding around, in the dark, in 55 degrees...two weeks before Christmas! It was also nice to see tonight. Funny how new contacts will do that for you. I truly need to get some clear Oakleys though, as the Tifosi glasses have the optical quality of drugstore reading glasses smeared with vaseline.

Oh, as an aside, if you felt an earthquake-like shudder today, just before lunch, it was merely my credit rating falling to Earth after Christmas shopping for the children. Two things in my life suck money out of my pocket these days...bike stuff, and my three progeny...not necessarily in that order.
Now I just need to shop for the H.O. I'm sure that'll be inexpensive...

Ride and Smile!

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