06 December 2009

You do what you can

So Saturday was supposed to be a loss. The shit-for-brains weather guys in this town don't know their collective ass from a hole in the ground. After years in Columbia, you'd think some of them would figure out that Columbia sits in a hole and the weather is affected by it. Rarely does weather from Texas, or the Gulf, make here without changing dramatically. Usually, the whatever-is-coming-this-way weakens, or dissipates completely once it hits Aiken.
What was supposed to be a 45 degree, rainy, shithouse of a day, turned 55 and sunny by 11 a.m.
Instead of riding outside, I chose continue a cycle that's repeating itself much too often these days. I went to the ManHole and rode the trainer. As you all know, I hate that little bastard, but I figured, as long as I was riding it, I should make it count.
A 10 minute warm-up was followed by 1x20 @ 90%...five minutes off. 1x15 @ 92-93%...five minutes off. I should have quit there, but felt good, so the 3rd effort was 1X8 @ 98%...ten minute spin down. For those following along @ home, the 98% number resides somewhere between 180 and 185bpm. And yes, I felt a little pukey for a short while after!
I then decorated the house, set-up the tree, cleaned and tuned the Ridley, and helped the H.O. put the lights on the tree.
The day ended with the GT/Clemson game, which was quite good, although, if Clemson didn't have CJ Spiller, they'd be far less of a team. He carried them on his back last night, turf toe and all.

This morning, I had every intention of going up to the Il Prof ride, but seeing the 35 degree temps, I knew in my heart that no one would show up. Instead, I bundled up and headed out on the cross bike for a two hour thrash. I didn't try to kill it the entire time, but I rode hard enough to have the 'cold-air cough' for the rest of the day. I also found an alternate route that I can add to the original HoP loop. It doesn't add much time or mileage, but throws in a climb that forced me to stand and mash the 38/27 to get up it! I also found some oddball greenspace that may need to be explored one day.

The plan is to finish Christmas shopping tomorrow morning...or I may blow it off and ride!

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velocodger said...

Don't let Winter and lousy forecasting slow you down!
The weather people here tell us it'll rain even if we get 2 drops 75 miles from here. I guess they don't want that irate phone call from some little old lady in bumf* Egypt saying her poodle's hairdo got ruint by the rain. So-I start riding if it isn't raining already.
Blow off the mall and ride, bro.