13 December 2009

And now...Weekend Update

So I ranted a bit on Thursday...
I think the combo of a caffeine deficiency and hitting the ground for the upteenth time this year got me a bit riled up...I still think the RadioShack kits are bone-ugly though!
Friday morning, I went out in the COLD and rode the cross bike for 90 minutes. It was considerably less slick than the days prior, but the cold and wind more than made up for it. I warmed up, quickly, and proceeded to pound out a little 5x5 session. That was followed by an ugly, ugly climb and @ 15 minutes of SST to get me through the Northside. I came home with frozen toes, but the rest of me was pretty comfy. The right clothes are essential in 35 degrees!
Saturday, I knew no one would show for the group ride, so I kitted up and did another 2 hours on the Salsa. I had no real plan, just to ride with some pace and and spend a solid two hours in the saddle. I did the original HoP backwards, and explored some paved streets and trails that looked like they were laid out for a neighborhood that never came to fruition. Lots of possibilities back there! Then, a quick trip through some parking garages and up through campus. It's funny how the college kids are all about being outside when the sun is high in the sky and the air is warm, but whhen it's 35 degrees and the windy is blowing, USC looks like a ghost town. The rest of my day was spent trying not to blow $2500 on that badass 58" plasma @ BestBuy! Believe me when I tell you that I had real trouble deciding whether to drop 2.5 stacks on the flat-screen, or save the cash for my 40th b-day present!
I pissed my entire Sunday away going to a 'family reunion' with the H.O.
It was more like a family free lunch. The majority showed up 5 minutes before the scheduled start time and bugged out after they'd sucked down multiple plates of the finest, non-nutrative southern cooking around. What a joke! First and last for the the kid...first and last! I did placate the H.O. by eating a little bit, but could feel my chest tightening with every bite. There were three kinds of ham, fried chicken and myriad casseroles. Did I mention the preponderance of biscuits produced with love...and lard?
I came home and immediately consumed a Mix1 Anti-Ox. I'm hoping that the drink, a salad and a large apple will be enough to feep my digestive system from attacking itself!
Going to make an effort to ride at least 5 days next week...Peace!

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