30 December 2009


The 10th Annual Toby Porter day after New Years Day ride (we gotta shorten that...) is approaching quickly...Saturday actually. Be aware that this is a 'multi-surface' affair, meaning that there will be dirt and gravel involved. This will, of course, necessitate larger tires, or completely different bicycles. It will also be a bit too epic and difficult for some, which is fine. This is a ride that's supposed to be fun. If you plan to complain, or deem it beneath your 'training', keep your kilojoules at home.
It's gonna be cold and breezy as well, so plan accordingly.

Last Sunday, Il Prof and I were the only ones to show for the 'group' ride. No matter, as we rode slowly, two abreast for a bit over 2.5 hours. It was quite a pleasant trip through Lower Richland. Nothing is better than a bike ride on a beautiful day.

I went out solo on the Salsa last night. It was a lovely night, albeit a bit chilly. In the 90 minutes I was out, the temp dropped 7 degrees.
I did the normal HoP+ loop. Once I dropped down to the river, the temp seemed to drop immediately. I had no plan to ride with anything remotely resembling effort last night, but I was cold, so the hammer went down. According to the HRM, my little 20 minute effort to warm up was @ 95% of MHR. It stung, but kinda of felt good...pushed out some bad stuff and cleared my mind of the stuff I'd been dealing with all day. I was, in fact, toasty when I finished.
I rolled up Gervais, through campus and home. Good ride...

I also saw something sad up on campus. A LOT of forgotten, forlorn bicycles, shunned by their owners. Some where Wal-Mart junk, while a few were nice, including an older steel frame with Ultegra 600 and CXP30 wheels, as well as a few OLD Schwinn Collegiates. There's a place inside me that wants to go up to campus and rescue the old horses. This begs questions? Which karma is worse? Locking a bike to a rack and forgetting about it, or liberating from it's shackles to live again as a loved conveyance?

Another night ride tonight...

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