16 December 2009

Hump Day!

Okay snapperheads...time to the time to HTFU is coming. The 10th Annual Toby Porter New Year's Day ride is approaching. This one will not be for the timid, or the aerobars. Rumor has it that there will be somewhere between 12-15 'Roubaix' sections. TP says that all bikes are welcome, but fat tires are suggested, so figure out if 28s will fit between the stays and brakes and c'mon out. Me? I'll be riding the Salsa with 700x30 Michelin Jet S tires...maybe even something bigger! This is an all-weather event, so if it's wet, you may get dirty!

I rode yesterday...it was slick and dirty on (and off) the roads. Halfway through my ride, I got a call from the MT's school. #2 evidently had a fever, so I put my head down to get home so I could go get him. An 8-minute turnaround, including shower, and I was on my way to pick up the pitiful little fella. He laid around all afternoon. Not often that the little shark stops swimming, so I knew something was amiss. He was mopey all day, then it was like a switch went off. @ 6 p.m., he perked up and was perfectly normal. This morning, he's perfectly fine...no fever...no nothing! Kids are strange little beasts. Personally, I think his weekend caught up with him! Back to school for the little grommet tomorrow!

Who's really shocked that Tiger Woods is a doper? He got on the Barry Bonds program, and started to get big as he got older. Funny how he just got big all of the sudden. Don't tell me you didn't notice! Funny how sharp the double-edged sword can be! Cyclists are impuned daily, and accused of doping, but when Tiger flies a Doctor from Canada to Florida 4x in a year, no one blinks. Did I mention that the Doc just got popped at the border with Canada with HgH and Activegin?
Hey Tiger, you're a scumbag! I mean, you just can't be happy inside. You're a billionaire, the best golfer alive, annd you're married to a supermodel...WTF man? You are the most recognizable athlete on the planet! Did you think that banging every stipper/escort/waitress in Vegas would go unnoticed? Hell, your smoking hot wife has a TWIN sister. A smart man would have worked that angle...if you know what I'm sayin'! Keep that shizz in the family!

It's gonna be cold again this weekend, so the road rides will be non-existent...at least before noon. Since I cannot bring myself to waste the day by waiting that long to ride, I'll probably be getting in the woods on the cross bike. If anyone wants to get in on the fun, let me know.

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