19 December 2009

Saturday tip...(Sunday update)

Here's a tip I'll pass on to my cycling brethren...
When it's 38 degrees, damp, and the wind is blowing, ride AROUND the big body of standing water!!!
About an hour into my little jaunt into the woods this morning, I came to one of the many firebreaks that intersect the trail. The break had been freshly cut, and whoever was operating the grater cut it a bit too deep right where the trail crosses. There's normally water in this particular spot, so I thought nothing of it. I bombed across the break and was promptly hub/BB deep in very muddy, VERY cold water. No choice...ride through and out the other side. Thankfully, I installed the rear fender this morning, so my hiney stayed clean and dry. My feet? Not so much!
I rode one more section of trail and decided that my feet were important to me, so I turned around (avoiding the waterhole) and rode hard to get home.
The last 30 minutes are on the road, so the wind REALLY started cutting through the wet shoe covers. I got home and promptly stripped off my covers, shoes, and socks, revealing some hot pink toe-cicles. Oh, how they hurt and itched when the warm air hit them!
I still got two hours this morning though...
I may actually pull the Ridley out of the ManHole(tm) tomorrow...first time on it in 3-ish weeks. Big gears and skinny tires will feel weird!

Sunday update-
The road bike felt WEIRD this morning, after pushing the cross bike around for the last 3 weeks. I guess 42 and sunny is too cold for folks, so it was just New Guy Steve and I this morning. We did a convoluted version of the old Tuesday loop in an effort to A)stay in the sun and B) out of the headwind. It worked for the most part. I feel bad for the folks who didn't ride, or waited to ride today. It was really nice this morning and only warmed up 6 degrees all day.
Oh well, their loss...we had a good ride and some good conversation. 2:30 ride time and 70km.

Then, the H.O. and I took the MTs to see Santa. We got their 45 minutes before opening and were 2nd in line. I feel bad for the poor schmoes that were 20+ deep! Nothing wastes a Sunday afternoon more than standing in line to see Santa for 2+ hours!

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