08 December 2009

Quick hit...

Okay, so images of an 'early' version of TeamRadioShack's jersey have been released. For all of the money that Lance and the new team have, you would think that they'd hire a graphic artist to do a proper design.I mean, it's okay, but not a lot of imagination went into the design. Be bold...do something different and edgy. For all of the shit that people give Rock Racing, they have cool kits. Hell, I did our kits last year and they were cooler than Radio Shack's new strip!

And I got a special package from my boys at Mix1 yesterday. A jersey (bibs are on the way), a tshirt, decals and a smattering of flavors. All of the flavors are great. They actually taste like the flavors indicated on the bottle. Shocking, I know...! As opposed to other 'recovery' drinks that taste like wallpaper paste, or the can in which they are contained (cough...Slim-Fast...cough)!

I know that some of you drink Slim-Fast for recovery, but it's been recalled because, well, it can KILL you. Go buy a 4-pack of Mix1 and try it! Surf around on their site...watch the videos...read the info provided...! It's all-natural, tastes really good and you're helping some dudes get a company off the ground! They support cycling, as well as just about every other outdoor activity, so why not support them?

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