25 November 2009

When did we move to Portland?

I'm not one to complain about the weather, especially since we live in SC, where it never really gets too cold...or too anything, for that matter. I am getting a bit weary of the days like we've had since Sunday. 50 degrees and dreary is fine to ride in, but just sucks the life clean out of a brother. I need some sunshine on my face!

I went out last night and rode the cross bike for 2 hours. Dry when I left...light drizzle started 15 minutes in...real drizzle for the next hour...and light rain to finish off the evening. Wonder why my throat hurts this morning? It beat the hell out of riding the trainer though!

I was perusing Ebay last, looking for nothing in particular, and found a guy selling stuff who understands marketing. Eyes on the product baby...make it sell!

Somebody needs to put this guy in their marketing department, 'cuz he's a bright one!

Ride in the morning @ 730 from Outspokin'...be there!

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