15 November 2009

Ah...that's the weather we've missed!

What a glorious weekend!! As our favorite over-educated hillibilly would say, "It's beautiful!"
Yesterday, we rolled out into LR in 60 degrees and sun. Not much exciting happened on the ride. We rolled around into Eastover and back the normal way. I felt like crap for pretty much the entire ride. The feelings just weren't there after being off the bike for a week, and off the ROAD bike for almost two weeks. No issues with pace or pulling through, just issues with comfort on the bike after a little layoff. The day more than made up for it! 3 hours and 90km in the bright, warm sun was NICE!
The H.O. and I spent the afternoon looking for houses in Blythewood, which led to the revelation that we're probably going to move out there when the time comes. More house for the $, good schools and it's not Lexington! I'd rather take several dozen shots to the nuts than live in that festering shithole.
A nice dinner @ Carabba's and some shopping made sleep come early and easy.
This morning, it was even nicer! Warmer and almost zero wind. The irony? No one bothered to show up for the standing 'Il Prof' ride...other than Il Prof and yours truly. No worries though! We rolled out Bluff, meandered around the long way through the Swamp and back in. Another 3 hours and 90km in 65 degrees and sun. We rode two up for the entire ride and conversations ranged from HDTV to the tenement in Beijing that his son calls home to why people ride their bikes.
I felt much better sitting on the bike today though. It wasn't a totally foreign feeling like Saturday. Back to back long rides on the weekend are goooood, plus...
I REALLY like having fresh tanlines from weekend rides, especially in November!

Off the bike tomorrow, but my cross-training will consist of raking leaves for most of the morning!

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