04 November 2009

Domestic duties call

So the H.O. is in NYC for a 'conference'. I'm talking to her on the phone as I write this and she's done nothing remotely resembling work, but she's walked the length of W. 34St. in Chelsea, hitting all of the stores. I have a sneaking suspicion that this 'all-day conference' with last until shortly after lunch, then our credit rating will take a small hit! I, of course, will receive no spoils from this 'trip'.
I'm single-parenting the boys, which is really nothing new. I would have enjoyed the trip to NYC, but my mother has to work for a living and it seems that my in-laws were 'too busy' to watch their grand-children. Did I mention the fact that they're both retired? Used pudding cups are more useful...

Anywho, I took Monday off the bike, went out last night in the dark and then spun my legs around early this morning.
Last night was a full moon, but it's still DAMN dark out in the middle of Ft. Jackson. I'd planned on just sort of riding, but felt remarkably good, so I pushed a little bit. I ended up doing a convoluted tour of the base that lasted nearly two hours. I was HORRIBLY over-dressed for a hard-ish ride in 60 degree temps and just couldn't figure out what to un-zip, remove, leave on, etc., so I just accepted that I would sweat like a mule for a while. The MagicShine 900 light was superb! I've used it enough now to have formulated an opinion, so I'll be doing a review in the next week or so.
This morning, I went out to the HoP2 loop and tried to make myself vomit. (10) 30/30s will, in fact, help remind one of the Kashi GoLean Crunch one had for breakfast. It wasn't a full body heave, but just enough to discern exactly which 7 grains they use to achieve the cereal's taste and texture. An hour on the bike and I was home. I returned the Salsa to it's cross/race form, went to the shop to hang out for a while and then started my dealings with the MTs.
Fortunately, I have good children who actually listen, so it's not all bad!
The H.O. is to return tomorrow night, LATE, so riding tomorrow is out of the question, unless I leave the boys here alone. Somehow, I think DSS would take issue with this, so a rest day it is.
I'll spin around Friday morning and try to loosen things up for Saturday. Drogalis (nickname pending) and I are leaving EARLY to go up and get our cross on...we'll see how that goes...

Colini out...(figure out that reference!)

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