23 November 2009

I guess I needed rest...

I rode a whopping three times last week. After a great Tuesday ride, I went downhill in a hurry. The rest of the week, I felt like hammered shit, so I just stayed off the bike until Friday.
Even when I did get back on the bike, I felt bad. I rode the cross bike for 90 minutes Friday morning, doing nothing more than farting around downtown. No efforts, no nothing...just spinning my legs around.
Bond invited me to a double secret Saturday morning ride, so I went, still feeling pretty flat and empty. Gary Smith, of Fox News fame, Bond, NCA (National Champion Aaron) and I went out for a couple of hours. Did I mention we left at 7:30? I'm wired differently than some. I like to ride early, but 7:30 is EARLY! Gary had to do a couple of 30 minute efforts, so we just sat in while he turned himself inside out.
In the middle of his second effort, my urge to stop for a break naturel far outweighed pretty much anything ellse on the planet, so I stopped and watered the flora. I didn't want to disrupt Gary, ot the other guys, so I didn't even bother to yell. I knew they'd sit up after his effort...
I chased, was picked up by Bond and we rode back to NCA and Gary.
It was a good ride, and it was nice to be home by 10am, but I just felt bad when I got home. It didn't get better as the day progressed.
I awoke Sunday and decided that the bike would stay in The ManHole(tm) for the day.
The H.O. and I loaded up the MTs and headed to Ikea in Charlotte instead. Huge place, a lot of cool stuff and quite a good in-house cafe. Felt lucky that we got out only dropping a Franklin!

I'm feeling better today and plan on doing the Tri-City ride again tomorrow night...maybe even do a double tomorrow.
Turkey Day ride @ 7:30 on Thursday. Meet @ Outspokin'. I don't know the route, as it isn't my ride. C'mon out, do 3 hours early and feel no guilt later when you're throwing that 2nd, or 5th, slice of pie down your neck!
Friday ride too, if anyone wants to go out. Probably @ 9 or so...3 hours...no real plan...I'll send an email as well...

Peace...Hope everyone has a good Monday!

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