08 November 2009


Well, I get a few days of forced rest.
I schlepped up to Charlotte yesterday to do the 35+/45+ masters cyclocross race @ Veterans Park. Great course, well laid out and pretty fun.
We had a huge field...about 35 in 35+ and probably more in 45+.
I got a BAD start, but had 45 minutes to move up, or so I thought. About 20 minutes in, I had gained about a dozen spots and was sitting somewhere around 12th, about 30 seconds off the lead bunch of 6.
Entering the tougher part of the course, I tried to move around a couple of guys to have a clear shot at the downhill, but chose a really bad line. Now for some math...
Wet grass + off camber + downhill + too much speed + a bad line = M2 in a wrist immobilizer for 7-10 days!
Yep, the front wheel just went away and I went down. It wasn't hard crash, but my left arm somehow got pinned under my chest and bent my wrist in, towards my forearm. I knew it was jacked, but jumped up and continued on. After another 1/2 lap, the pain was too much to bear. I couldn't hold, or pull, on the bars and every bump shot a lightning bolt of pain through my body.
Done and done!
I packed up and headed home, injured and dejected. I called my personal Doc and told him I was inbound. After a wrist/hand X-Ray, and a lot of poking and squeezing, I was told that nothing was broken. Pretty much all of the ligaments in my left wrist are strained though, which makes it about as useful as actually being broken.
I guess I'll be off the bike for a few days. Of course, it's 60 degrees and sunny, with zero wind today...F&%#$R!
To add insult to injury, the buckle broke off my shoe in the crash...super!
I think it's time for some new MTB shoes anyway. My M221s are 4 years old and smell like a stray dog that's been living inside of the turkey vulture's carcass...

No riding until Thursday, so I'll do a couple of reviews early in the week. DZ-Nuts chamois creme and the MagicShine 900 light...stay tuned! Maybe I'll try to run...

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