28 November 2009

Gobble, gobble

Even though the weather was, well, gray, 7 intrepid souls rolled out @ 7:30 Thanksgiving morning. Back in the day, we used to have a huge T-day ride, but children and family responsibilities put the kibosh on it years ago. For the last four or five years, I've just gone out on the cross bike and either done a BIG urban assault loop, or banged around in the woods. It was nice to ride with people in the middle of the week!

To say that it was foggy would be the understatement of the month. Visibility was about 100m and the moisture was just settling on arm and kneewarmers.

As it normally happens, the fog and low clouds stayed with us for our entire 3:15 on the bike. Only when I rolled my big ass into the yard did I see blue sky. By the time I'd showered and gotten dressed, it was beautiful outside...

The entire corporation, all four of us, rolled out to the hell hole that is Lexington for a pleasant Thanksgiving lunch at my mom's house. A wonderful smoked turkey, all the fixins and pumpkin pie followed. Sleep came easy shortly thereafter...

Friday, I did a 90 miute spin on the cross bike and came home to an empty house. The H.O. and MTs headed to Chesterfield for a couple of days...sweeeet!

This morning, I chose to sleep in since I knew no one would bother to show up for the group ride. It's been anorexic lately anyway, and the 38 degree temps wouldn't exactly help that situation. The plan was to ride the cross bike again, but I bailed. Instead, I raked, blew, mowed and cursed at the leaves for an hour and a half. Cross training!

On the bike again tomorrow...9:00 at Outspokin'. 60 miles...winter pace...be there...!

Oh, and I have seen the future...his name is Thibaut Nys and he's 6! That's right, Sven Nys' son!

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