13 September 2009

I'm tired...

Saturday, Doog and I met at the Gate @ 9 to go out into LR and scout some of the new dirt sections I discovered. Lo and behold, the 'group' had their ride planned for the same time. Although we had ZERO plans to ride with them, we rolled out through the Fort together. Once out of the Fort, Doog and I turned to do the ride we'd planned and headed off down Ridge towards Hopkins.

Once out, we rode out Airbase to the G Mart, turned on Cabin Creek and headed towards the dirt. We actually found two completely different sections that could both be easily used in The 2nd Annual Richland-Roubaix Ride (date TBD). One section was great, while the other was a little gravely (is that a word?). Once back on Cabin Creek, Il Prof snuck up on us from behind and we all rode in together via Double Homey. I ended up with right at 80km and 2:45 on the bike.
Once home, I did some bike maintenance, cleaned up what amounted to an entire group to sell on Ebay, and got a gooood nap.
This morning, I got up and met Doog again. I guess he felt better than yesterday and wanted to ride hard. I let him go and just rode a steady solo 20 mph for 95 minutes and rolled home.
A week of no sleep takes it's toll on riding and the motivation to ride. Tonight, I'm medicating so I can sleep!
Back to the full week schedule next week...oh joy!

Oh, and the TNCWC may get shortened a bit on Tuesday as darkness seems to be falling very early these days. I'm going to go out tomorrow morning to look at the course as well. Karl said there was some glass between turns 3 and 4 that may have caused the flat tire issues last week.

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