09 September 2009

Big fast, big fun

The TNCWC was pretty fast last night, but it didn't seem too horribly hard. Breaks went and came back all night, but there was just too much horsepower for anything to stay away. The first break lasted the longest...all of 15 minutes or so. From that point, nothing was given much rope.
There seemed to be a spate of flat tires last might as well. FK, Damon and another Harrell's dude all had tire issues. The Harrell's guy flatted his front in turn 4, promptly locked up his rear brake, blew out his rear and cartwheeled spectacularly into the median. Fortunately, no one else went down. The Harrell's guys might need a handling clinic after two crashes in two weeks. Brakes are for slowing. They aren't on/off switches!
Anyway, the 55 minutes seemed to go by pretty quickly. I never really noticed the time until Bond asked @ 38 minutes.
Everything stayed together and quick until a lull in the action with three to go. This led Bond and a couple of Harrell's guys to roll of the front. The gap was steady and it seemed that no one wanted to chase, so I took it upon myself to commit harakiri. Coming to 1 to go, I drilled it in turn 3 and absolutely buried myself until the break was brought back in turn 1. At this point, I had no chance in hell of tagging onto the back for the finish, so I turned around and rolled back to the line.
The finish was predictable. You just cannot take Coco to the line, as he's pretty unbeatable in a bunch gallop these days. He won easily...again. Let the haters yap all they want, because until you can drop him or come around him, just STFU! PV finished 1st and 3rd...

The H.O. is off to Chicago for a business trip, so no ride for me Thursday.

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