07 September 2009

The best laid plans of mice and men...

So we'd planned on doing 3 hours on Sunday...
It turned into 2.5 with a short bit of tempo down Airbase. Tired legs were in abundance and the wind seemed to pick up the longer we stayed out.
Again, plans went to hell in a handbasket this morning. As soon as I turned on my BB, texts started flowing like cheap wine at a sorority house. The plan was to do a long-ish ride. We actually did 2 hours and it was probably for the best. I looked at my watch at 90 minutes and thanked whomever you may pray to that I was close to home. If we'd gone the long way, we would have been out on 601, heading towards Eastover. I guess there's really no reason to do long rids at this point in the year.
I came home, cleaned up and immediately went to the ManHole(tm) to install a new computer on the Ridley. It seems that Specialized computers have a finite shelf life and tend to fail in about 6 months. It jumped, or was thrown, depending on how you look at it, off the I-77 overpass about 15 minutes into the ride. Back to Cateye products for me...!
Then it was on to Lowe's for an axe, a 5 pound sledge hammer, a wheel barrow and some 3/4" PVC. Axe was for wood-splitting, sledge for some demo, wheel barrow for the H.O., and the PVC to build a barrier for a little cross practice.
After my busy day, I slept soundly from 2:30 until shortly after 5...and it was goooooood!

See you guys tomorrow night at the TNCWC.

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