28 September 2009

For sale

Bond is lightening his load of Zipps...hit me up if you want more info about the wheels.

Zipp 404. Dimpled. Bought 2 seasons ago used. Very low mileage Continental Tubulars: $1,000

Zipp 808. Dimpled. New in the box, mid season 2008. Light mileage Continental Tubulars: $1,200

Zipp 900 Disc. Dimpled. Bought, used, in 2008. Vittoria Tubular: $900

Front Zipp 1080. Dimpled. New in the box, end of season 2009. 40 miles. Very, very low mileage Continental Tubular: $950

These are all in excellent shape and a race wheels ONLY. Bond doesn't believe in riding carbon wheels for anything other than racing!

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