20 September 2009

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Nothing real witty to put up in the title so...
After three days on the bike, I'm ready to go take a nap.
Friday- rode the cross bike for a bit over an hour. I felt like complete shit, but was within 90 seconds of the average time for the HoP(tm) loop. The cross bike needed some tickling too. Bars needed to be rolled up and the saddle needed to be raised a bit. I'm trying to replicate my road fit as closely as possible. the low saddle gave me a bit of knee pain...dammit!
Saturday- Met Doog out and we did a bit over 2 hours easy through LR. When we turned, I spun down past the football stadium. There were people out tailgating @ 1030! The game was @ 7pm! Nothing like being shit-faced ALL DAY!
The H.O. was painting, so I ate lunch w/Doog and then went down to the shop. I'd planned on hanging out for an hour or so, but the floodgates opened and I was pressed into service on the floor and turning wrenches. 3 hours passed quickly!
I came home, rested a bit and then took the H.O. to Mr. Friendly's for dinner. That ish was gooood! Blackened chicken and creamy grits...mmmmmmm!
Sunday- Meat, Doog and I met for a little tempo work out through Lexington/Calhoun county. We did the normal 90km loop and got in a really good ride. Doog is extremely strong/fit right now, which is great. The downside is the fact that he's a little fucker, and when he's on the front, there's not a whole lot of draft behind his narrow, 130 pound ass for widebodies like Meat and myself.
I'd planned on riding tomorrow morning, but I need to pack up and ship all of the Ebay stuff that I just sold. Nothing like selling off crap that's just laying around and making an easy $600.
The penultimate TNCWC is this Tuesday. Still starting @ 630, but will probably only run for 40 minutes+2.

Nap time...peace!

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