30 September 2009

Tired and in need of a stretch

5 days on the bike has made this old man stiff. I feel okay, but my back and legs are protesting this morning.
I will be partaking in an hour of yoga as soon as I punch out this entry.
Friday- Doog and I rode for 2 hours at a pretty relaxed pace.
Saturday- I was supposed to go out with the fellas, but woke up feeling like crap, so I bailed. Yeah, I know, it was a pussy move, but the idea of 60+ miles of Calhoun/Lexington county roads, in the wet, while not feeling great, didn't exact light my fire. I ended up doing two hours on my cross bike. It didn't help the way I felt. My rear Ksyrium finally gave up on me about 20 minutes from home too. Of course, it's a 1st generation SL, I've beaten the shit out of it, and it's had multiple sessions of repair at the shop, so it's not surprising that it finally succumbed to the abuse.
Sunday- I went out solo again and felt shocking okay. I planned on going on and doing a 20 minute effort. That effort went from 20 to 30 to 45 to 60 minutes and I found myself all the way out in Gadsden. It was quite easy rolling along at 40-42kmh with the tailwind. I paid full retail when I made the turn home. A lovely head/cross to full headwind was the cost. My 40+kmh speed got knocked down to 32-35kmh on the run down Airbase. Our worthless weatherguy said the wind was 5-10mph...well, he's full of shit. It was easy 15mph with gusts to 25+. It made for a long slog home. I still ended up with almost 75km and a 35kmh average speed.
Monday- Something different. I did my road HoP(tm) loop on the cross bike with skinnies on it. I got to test the new Thorne 46t big ring that I got from Cyclocrossworld.com. It's a nice gear to roll over and very usable on the hills. It was windy...again!
Tuesday- 2.5 hours at the zoo w/the MTs will, in fact, make legs tired. The last TNCWC of the season went off and the turnout was light. I'm batting around the idea of mixing it up a bit next year by throwing in a road race or two and possibly even a time trial once in a while. I think the repetitive nature of doing the crit every week burns a lot of folks out by the end of the season. I know I'm tired of doing it...and I missed a bunch because of illness and my crash. Coco is the unofficial 'WC' since he won a third of the races and finish top 5 a few more times.
I'll have to come up with some sort of logo to put on his kit for next year...
Dr. LP's little one made an appearance last night as well...she's a cute, little, fat thing!

Thanks to everyone for coming out all summer! See you guys over the winter!

Yoga time...

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