01 April 2016

Needed rest

So after Tuesday night, I decided that a little rest was in order.
Since I went back outside on the bike, in the last week of February, I've knocked down more hours, and kms, than a guy with a freshly repaired knee probably should.
I was tired.
My knee was stiff.
My taint was angry.
I took the week off.
Junior Management is on Spring Break this week, so it lined up.
No ridey tomorrow, as we have futbol at noon...and I want to sleep in...

Riding Sunday though. Need to get back on the road bike, and start knocking down some long rides.

 Dean sent his Dean back to Dean. Hopefully, they'll tack one of these bad boys on the headtube.
 Two wheels good. I'd take this to buzz around town. Simple and fun.
 And the Ronde is this weekend. Gotta love Tchmil...and those Diadoras. I had a pair. Best shoes ever.
Here's the last 60km of last year's race :

And highlights of 2010, when Fabi dropped the hammer on the Muur...

Have a productive weekend, whatever you choose to do...

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